How to Make a Flat Hemp Bracelet

By: William Lynchard

Materials Needed:

Measuring and Cutting:
You will need 2 pieces of hemp: anchor strand and knotting strand.
Measure and cut a piece of hemp 5 times longer than your wrist is around. This will be the anchor strand.
For the knotting strand, cut a piece of hemp which is 2 feet long for every inch in length that you want the bracelet to be. (example: if you want an 8 inch bracelet, cut a piece of hemp which is 16′ long)
(you will end up with excess hemp, but it always better to end up with a little excess than too little hemp
Let’s Get Started:
Fold the anchor chord in half to form the 2 center cords of the bracelet. (the folded end will be the top, the loose ends will be the bottom)
Find the center of the knotting cord, and lay the anchor cord on top of it within the folded end of the anchor cords sticking up only about an inch above the knotting cord. (this little piece sticking up will form the loop for the bracelet enclosure)
With your anchor cord laying on top of the knotting cord in the center, you now will have a left knotting strand and right knotting strand.
Start with the left strand and place it over the anchor strands.
Next place the right strand down over the left strand
Then take the right strand under the anchor strands and up through the loop on the left side created by the left strand.
Pull the strands to tighten the knot
Now take the right strand over the anchor strands to the left side.
Take the left strand down over the right strand.
Take the left strand under the anchor strands and up through the loop on the right side created by the right strand.
Pull the knotting strands to tighten the knot.
Now start back over with the original step and continue until you have made the bracelet to the length you want it.
Finishing the bracelet:

Once the bracelet is the desired length, take all 4 strands and tie them together in an overhand knot and trim the excess hemp off.

Optional: To add protection from the bracelet coming apart, add a couple of drops of superglue to the ending knot.

I’ve been making hemp jewelry since 2007. If you would like to see some of the hemp jewelry that I’ve made check out my website:

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